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Obama returns to campaign trail with fiery speech; Trump counters, ‘I fell asleep’

Former President Barack Obama launched his return to the campaign trail Friday with a fiery speech accusing President Trump and the GOP of fueling “division and resentment” — but the sitting president responded with a yawn. “I’m sorry, I watched but I fell asleep,” Trump teased, speaking at a political
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Accompagné de la Première Dame Martine Moïse, j’ai procédé ce lundi 3 Septembre à la distribution de kits scolaires aux élèves de l’École nationale Célie Lilavois et de celle de la République du Brésil, à l’occasion du lancement officiel de l’année scolaire 2018-2019.
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Kim Kardashian has shot down rumors that there was ever a romance between her and Drake — as rap fans have theorized. But Nick Cannon fueled the speculation further during an interview on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle.” Drake and Kanye West allegedly have had a rap beef that was amped up by Drake’s racy lyrics: In his
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Google offers AI toolkit to report child sex abuse images

Numerous organizations have taken on the noble task of reporting pedophilic images, but it’s both technically difficult and emotionally challenging to review vast amounts of the horrific content. Google is promising to make this process easier. It’s launching an AI toolkit that helps organizations review vast amounts of child sex abuse material both
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