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Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s first official visit to Taiwan this week produced photo ops, meetings with Taiwanese business people and a military salute with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen at his side during a ceremony.

But so far, it doesn’t appear to have produced a billion-dollar bailout for his struggling administration as some politicians had hoped the five-day visit to Taipei, which has been losing diplomatic allies to China, would produce.

In recent weeks, Taiwan has lost the Dominican Republic and the West African state of Burkina Faso to China, which two years ago began to aggressively go after Taiwan’s diplomatic allies. China considers Taiwan to be a wayward province and doesn’t allow countries to formally recognize both. As a result, Taipei now has 18 allies, including Haiti. The U.S. has been lobbying Haiti to remain with Taiwan, but some Haitian business interests are urging the government to ditch the country in favor of China.

According to a joint communique signed by Moïse and Tsai on Tuesday, both countries pledge to further their mutual cooperation in a new partnership and continue negotiations over the next 60 days on new conditions for cooperation between Haiti and Taiwan.

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