Austin, Texas serial bombing suspect reportedly dead; Trump jabs ‘Pelosi Dems’

THE LEAD STORY – AUSTIN, TEXAS SERIAL BOMBING SUSPECT REPORTEDLY DEAD: The suspect in the serial bombings that have terrorized Austin, Texas for almost three weeks is dead, according to news reports … Local Austin news outlets reported that there was a “police-involved shooting” as authorities pursued the suspect. According to reports, the suspect may killed himself by detonating a device as police closed in.

The apparent end to the manhunt for the alleged serial bomber came after a frightening Tuesday in Texas. Nerves were frayed on Tuesday night when box containing an “artillery simulator” at an Austin Goodwill location detonated, injuring an employee and triggering a bomb scare. The employee suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and authorities determined the Goodwill incident was not related to the previous bombings that had killed two people and severely wounded four others since March 2. Austin assistance police Chief Ely Reyes said there was “no reason to believe” the blast was a copycat incident.

Earlier Tuesday, a package exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx shipping center in Schertz, northeast of San Antonio, injuring a worker. In addition, the FBI said a suspicious package reported at a FedEx distribution center near the Austin airport “contained an explosive device.” Authorities determined the two packages were connected to four earlier explosions that have occurred in the state throughout March.

TRUMP: ‘THEY’RE ALL PELOSI DEMOCRATS’: President Trump predicted Republicans “will keep the House majority” after November’s midterm elections — and warned of dire consequences if they didn’t … Speaking to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual March fundraising dinner in Washington, the president warned that Democrats would block efforts to secure America’s borders and try to raise taxes. He described House Democrats as being “way outside the American mainstream” and warned that they would “campaign as moderates” but “always govern as radicals.” “They are all Pelosi Democrats,” Trump said, referring to the House minority leader, “weak on crime, weak on terrorism and weak on national defense.” Apart from Pelosi, Trump singled out frequent critic Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who he described as a “low-IQ individual.”


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