New Airline Alert: Air Ayiti, Haiti’s New National Airline

Some start-up airlines are clearly legitimate and stand a good chance or survival. Some start-up airlines are legitimate but have no chance of survival. And then some start-up “airlines” seem to just be 12 year olds having fun playing around with photoshop.

The problem is that sometimes I don’t know quite where on the scale new airlines fall.

Speaking of which, Air Ayiti is a new airline with the vision of being “the leading airline connecting USA and Haiti,” and claims to be “the Haiti National Airline.”

The airline was supposedly founded in 1984, though best I can tell they don’t currently operate any flights. But that’s changing soon.

On June 7, 2019, Air Ayiti will launch flights between Miami and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, using Eastern Airlines Boeing 767-200s.

Equally interesting is that Air Ayiti is selling tickets in economy, business, and first class. Wait, this is going to be a three cabin airline?!?

What’s confusing is that Eastern doesn’t have any three cabin 767-200s. As you can see, business class costs just $50 more than economy, and first class costs just $25 more than business class.

Air Ayiti talks about their destinations, though best I can tell they don’t actually serve any of them. They might also want to double check the pictures they’re using for Haiti and Montreal. It doesn’t give me much faith in a national airline if they don’t know what their home country looks like.

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