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Premier Vocational School (PVS) is a technical school committed to providing free education to the young adults of Liancourt, Haiti. PVS is currently under construction and due to be finished by April 2018. PVS aims to increase the education level and job prospects for the young adults of Liancourt by teaching specific trades that are needed in the community.

We need your help to fund PVS!

The name Premier Vocational School represents all that PVS is going to be – Premier. PVS will be the most competitive school in the area with a program that is not comparable to any other school. We have consulted with Vocational training experts in the USA and Canada. After thorough research, we have created a diverse and extensive curriculum that covers the students chosen vocation plus CPR training, Microsoft Office and OSHA practices. Formal driving education will also be taught. Haiti has numerous traffic accidents every year which we believe could be prevented if more people were given the opportunity to receive a formal driving education. There is no other school in the area that is preparing their students for success the way we are. Premier Vocational School will specifically target young people aged 18-35. More than half of the population of Liancourt is under the age of 20 and lives without any formal education or vocational training. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Haiti’s already fragile economy collapsed leaving an unemployment rate of 40% for those under the age of 30. These at-risk youth, barely get by each day having no economic opportunities ahead of them. They are left vulnerable to violence, crime, alcohol, depression, and a feeling of complete hopelessness. There is a pressing need for these young people to have greater opportunities in life. Premier Vocational School is here to provide those opportunities! Construction at PVS is well underway and we have a Civil Engineer ready to start teaching!

Your generous contribution to Premier Vocational School will help brighten the future of many young Haitians!

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