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A new county law requires businesses renting space from Miami-Dade to pay employees a living wage, a rule that could mean several dollars more per hour for the lowest-paid workers at Miami International Airport and other county facilities.

The legislation that passed Tuesday is the latest example of Miami-Dade expanding its authority to impose wage requirements on companies doing business with the county government. The county already requires most vendors to pay a living wage, defined as $15 an hour for employers not offering benefits. That’s about 80 percent higher than Florida’s $8.25 hourly minimum wage.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez has 10 days to decide whether to veto the legislation, which passed as something of a surprise on Tuesday. Before the vote, sponsor Barbara Jordan joked that she was a glutton for punishment for pushing the legislation and promised to be back for a second try if it failed.

Instead, it passed narrowly: 7-5. Gimenez did not participate in the discussion Tuesday and said he would decide later whether to reject the legislation.


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